The WORLD Policy Analysis Center

The WORLD Policy Analysis Center engages in a rigorous research process to gather and transform massive quantities of legal and policy data into quantifiable, accessible, user-friendly resources, including interactive maps, tables, and downloadable datasets. WORLD’s mission is to strengthen equal rights and opportunities worldwide by:

  • Identifying the most effective policy approaches for both improving individual well-being and health and enabling countries to thrive socially and economically;
  • Improving the quantity and quality of globally comparative data available to policymakers, citizens, civil society, and researchers on laws and policies that work to support economic opportunity, social and civic engagement, human health, development, well-being, and equity; and
  • Working in partnerships to support evidence-based improvements in communities and countries worldwide.

WORLD has collected and analyzed detailed information on rights, laws, and policies in all 193 UN member states in the areas of education, health, poverty, adult labor and working conditions, child labor, child marriage, family, aging, the environment, and social protection. WORLD also has data on protections of equal rights and prohibition of discrimination on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, age, migration, citizenship, religion, and sexual orientation and gender identity, among other areas. These global measures of law and policy provide an opportunity to understand which policies matter to the social determinants of health and how governments can improve health outcomes all around the world. For more detail about each of WORLD’s data areas, click here.

WORLD works closely with institutions and organizations working for effective policies around the globe. A wide range of national governments, global civil society organizations, and U.N. agencies, including UNICEF, UNESCO, ILO, and the World Health Organization, have used WORLD’s global policy data to monitor progress toward global goals and advance national policy reforms to improve health and well-being.

To access WORLD’s website and data: Click Here   

Jody Heymann

Dean, Fielding School of Public Health